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Sadaf Arif

Sea Green Co-ord Set

Sea Green Co-ord Set

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Step into the enchanting world of our Sea Green Coordset, where sophistication meets elegance. This stunning ensemble is designed with georgette fabric, ensuring a perfect fit and graceful fall, accompanied by a lining for added comfort.

The velvet detailing on the collar and sleeves adds a luxurious touch to the co-ord set, elevating your style to new heights. Embellished with imported accents, this co-ord set exudes a classy and refined look, making it the ideal choice for parties, get-togethers, lunch gatherings, brunches, dinner events, or special meetings.

With its versatility and timeless appeal, our Sea Green Co-ord set ensures you'll make a lasting impression on every occasion. Embrace the charm and grace of this captivating ensemble, and let it be a true reflection of your sophisticated taste in fashion. Look effortlessly chic and confident as you turn heads with every step, wearing this alluring and stylish co-ord set.

  • Top Length: 35''
  • Pant Length: 39''
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Wash: Hand Wash (use mild detergent)
  • Perfect for any occasion


  • Within Mumbai: 5-7 days
  • Rest of India: 8-10 days
  • International: 2 to 4 weeks

Try the most versatile & elegant styled outfit, coord set by Sadaf Arif. The most comfortable, premium quality & trendy two piece dresses we need for our day-to-day wear.

Sadaf Arif coord set are created with intricate handwork, premium fabric and perfect fitting.

At Sadaf Arif, we design casual coord set as well as coord set for office wear, lunch & dinner parties, and family get together. 

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Uncompromising Comfort

In the world of fashion, our outfits sets a new standard of uncompromising comfort, where every piece is thoughtfully crafted to make you feel effortlessly comfortable and confident throughout your day.

Exceptional Handwork

We believe in the beauty of intricate details and craftsmanship. Our skilled artisans put their heart and soul into creating exquisite handwork that adds a touch of uniqueness to each garment.

Sadaf Arif Excellent Fabric

Premium Fabric

We carefully source the finest materials to create garments that not only look stunning but also last longer. We believe that fashion should be an investment, and we want our customers to cherish our pieces for years to come.

Unique & Exclusive Outfit

Sadaf Arif is known for her distinctive and innovative designs. Clients can enjoy wearing dresses that are not commonly found elsewhere, allowing them to stand out and make a fashion statement.

With you everyday!

Our designs focus on creating wearable styles that seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. Whether it's for a formal event or a casual outing, our outfits are versatile enough to adapt to any occasion.

Easy to Wash

Easy to Wash

With Sadaf Arif outfits, you can bid farewell to dry cleaning bills and time-consuming upkeep, as they are designed to be easily washable, allowing you to enjoy stylish comfort with ease.

& Affordable

We believe that luxury fashion doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. We strive to make our designs accessible and affordable without compromising on quality or style. Our commitment to affordability ensures that everyone can enjoy the luxury of Sadaf Arif fashion.